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About Us

This site is built on keeping in mind of the people who plans for their wedding ceremony. It provides you all the information and tips which make you to have a grand successful memorable more


Muhurtham dates

Marriages are planned according to God's wish and we help you to find that auspicious day to have the ceremony. We have the most clear and updated muhurtham dates in our website which gives you a clear idea on planning for the more

Marriage Tips


Few marriage tips that could help you to get ready for the wedding ceremony. Basic Health tips: 1.Make sure atleast you drink 8 litres of water a day. 2.Consume more vegetables and fruits

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Honeymoon Package


After the wedding, the newlywed couples look for their honeymoon trip. There are more offer on honeymoon packages. Make your

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Bridal Shopping


Before going out for a shopping prepare a shopping list. Have an idea of how your wedding dress

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Wedding Planner

Once you choose to settle for a marriage, you must choose your spouse at your expectation through some relatives, friends,ads or websites. Immediately a spouse is concluded, plan yourself for selection of an auspicious day and venue either it be a place of religious worship,registered office or some other place.

Wedding Directory

“Chennai Wedding Plans” brings you a well programmed wedding chart. The opportunity of clicking a mouse on the system is sufficient to see the privileges available within your reach as to how your family’s Wedding can be programmed with ease and without any tension.

Wedding Checklist

The most important thing to be done to have a planned wedding ceremony is to prepare a checklist and you can find a few below:
1.Once you got engaged start sharing good news with your friends and relatives
2.Prepare a wedding budget