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Kalyaanam panni paar veetai katti paar” is a popular Tamil proverb that translates arranging for a wedding and constructing a house are not easy. Planning and arranging for Indian weddings is an uphill task as Indian weddings last for several days and consist of several functions. Marriages involve a lot of steps that include booking wedding hall, decorators, photographers, caterers, make-up artists, logistics and hotel rooms, buying costumes, wedding invitations, return gifts, and other things.



Marriages are made in heaven. A wedding is a one-time event in an individual’s life and it is no wonder that everyone wants it to be perfect. It can be highly stressful. Weddings are filled with fun and laughter. It is a time for enjoyment and to have fun with family and friends. It is the time to make unforgettable happy memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Why should you feel stressed instead of enjoying yourself?

Highly Experienced and Feel Proud to Make Your Weddings Stand Out

 We are here to help you in planning everything for your wedding. We understand you want your wedding to be flawlessly executed. We assure you that we take care of the tiniest details and make sure it is flawless. Today weddings are becoming mega-events with new additions like pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots, DJ’s and drones and what not?  

Everyone has some dreams about their wedding and we will help to make the dream come true. What is your dream? Is it a destination wedding or a theme wedding? Do you want a fairytale wedding? Is it going to be a big fat Indian wedding or a simple and cozy one? Whatever your dream be, we are here to plan and execute all aspects and ensure nothing is left out undone. 

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Enjoy your wedding to the fullest

Marriage hall with colourful lights and decorations

Right from the selection of wedding destination you can rely on us to make every moment a happy one. We guarantee special discounted prices for venues, caterers and decorators, etc. We know budgeting and sticking to budgets are very important in weddings.  

In India, weddings are not just the union of two people in love but a union of two families. We know it is an enormous social pressure for the families to conduct a problem-free wedding and satisfy all the guests. We take away all wedding-related stress from you to help you to really enjoy all events of the wedding. You can stay connected with your family and friends as we take care of all details. You are assured that your wedding will be an instant success. 


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