Wedding Events and Services in Chennai

Plan your wedding :
“ Marriages are made in Heaven” which is a true statement. Well, if it is so, the planning for a wedding is to be arranged by the families of the tie-knots. To ease these marriage tension, and evolve best wedding plans here are some wedding planners for helping you at your door step, We endure all facilities you are almost looking for either it is for a Bride or for a Bride-groom. We will guide you how to plan for a wedding preferably in the Chennai Metropolitan area.

Wedding Invitation :
While you plan a wedding, don’t you ought to bring a colourful invitation or wedding invitation card that should bring a cheer or happiness in the minds of the recipients. Religion may vary but everyone’s eagerness to read out the wedding card depends on the inspirational quotations and wedding card wordings. A variety of sample wedding cards have to be gone through before arriving a conclusion for selection of our wedding card. The wedding cards
showrooms display a variety of samples of wedding invitation cards. A lot of efforts have been taken in designing and printing of wedding cards either they are man made or machine made wedding invitations. The matter to be inscribed for the wedding cards are also readily available as specimen.

Marriage Dresses :
The marriage planning is not just like that of a shopping you go out during a festival season, but it is a one-time celebration in your valuable life. To expose your worthiness and status, every one shall look out for a most modern, decent, outlooking, fashionable dresses for their marriage celebration. Marriage Suits include bridal gowns, gents suits, designer suits, kurtas of north indian style etc., are now available at many bridal textile showrooms. Well designed wedding outfits always match every bridegroom looking for suitable marriage dresses in these Textile showrooms. There are also some designer tailors stitch exclusive marriage dresses.

Bridal Sarees :
South Indian Bridal sarees are mostly well designed and handicrafted which give more importance to silk and embroidery work either it is traditional or ornamental. There are exclusive textile showrooms like ‘Nalli’ or ‘Pothys’ where varieties like genuine Kancheepuram, Banaras, Bhandhani sarees and others are available at moderate and expensive costs. The designs are artistically crafted for particular brides of every religion with proper care. You can
even fetch out a lot of design online , select and purchase through online. The selection of a Bridal saree is good process which our age old mothers really admire. Whatever be the cost, bridal sarees always attract at the wedding reception where everyone will watch the bride who wears it.

Wedding Organisers :
Wedding organisers includes Event organisers. There are top event management companies in Chennai which render real assistance in conducting a celebration. These event organisers play a leading role in bringing every instance of a marriage as a masterpiece. Every religion possess so many practices, however they understand every situation and capable of managing that situation. Event management in other words simplify your burden in handling the hard part of the marriage celebration. Event organisers are very receptive in inviting the guests and play a vital role at the reception hall. There are some Masters of ceremony (MC), who will bring all the programmes presented in a good form.

Wedding Jewellery :
Bridal jewellery include ornaments made of gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, gems and even imitations. While so, bridal accessories include bridal shoes, bridal veils etc. Indian bridal jewellery is depending upon the cost of investment and person. There are some jewellery shops which give discounts on wastage, cost of stones and making charges. Neither the cost nor the quality, it is a fact that the beauty of the bride is enhanced by wearing bridal jewellery and bridal accessories.

Marriage Beauty Parlour :
The beauty parlours provide wedding make up. The make up on the bride is really brought with the splendid skill of the beautician and not on the cosmetics alone. The make up done by the beautician should be longlast and therefore qualified, trained and experienced beauticians are essential for a bride waiting for the marriage and during the wedding celebration. There are plenty of beauty products and cosmetic products including some make up kits available for a bride. Nowadays, natural or herbal skin care products with some make up tips are also given by some beauticians for maintaining their

Marriage Mehendi :
The Mehendi culture was brought down to South India almost from the North India, however become common in all wedding functions. There are so many mehendi designs, which include bridal mehendi. In India designs of mehendi varies from Arabic, North Indian, Rajastani and South Indian cultures. Nowadays, people draw images of mehendi and these are easily drawn by the experted mehendi designers. They even attend your homes on request.

Wedding Cakes :
To speak about your wedding cake orders for your menu, there are a number of reputed Bakeries expertised in preparing wedding cakes with decorations. The cakes are so designed colourfully with plums, nuts, fruits, creamy chocolates and custards. Flavours added with your recipes taking the event with a good toast. You can even book your cake orders on online. Online cakes orders are responded with utmost care and delivered at the doorstep or at the venue of the marriage as desired.

Marriage Caterers :
Marriage Caterers often differ from the usual cooks or caterers, as you can see their wonderful dedication in assuring taste and preparations. Here we can finger out and figure out some special catering services in Chennai best suited for indoor or outdoor catering needs. Wedding caterers expertised in Indian catering also prepare Chettinadu varieties of Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian delicacies. Their mouthwatering recipes shall ever be remembered and you shall not forget to call them again for another celebration.

Marriage Halls :
When coming about determining a Wedding Hall or Banquet Hall for your marriages, it has to be remembered that the potential strength of seatings for the Reception and dinner, reception verandahs, stage for orchestra, store rooms, private rooms for the couple, handwash and adequate no. of toilets , a parking place for vehicles of which anything can’t be spared. There are a number of Wedding halls in Chennai to decide your venue for Wedding. Some Wedding Halls allow only vegetarian food, however there is a scope for finding some Non-Veg Marriage halls also for reception. Some luxury hotels in
Chennai have Banquet halls which provide buffet or other food sorts. No rent is separately charged for the halls but only the cost of food items are collected. We can provide a list of such luxurious hotels in Chennai.

Wedding Decorations :
The grand galore of a wedding reception depends fully on the wedding decorators. The interior decorators and interior designers give a colourful atmosphere of the wedding hall. The wedding designs and specific wedding themes determines the supremacy of the family giving the wedding reception. The reception stage stands as a predominant place of the Wedding. There are expertised and professional wedding decorators who can only bring out even any unused corner as an attractive spot.

Marriage Photo Albums :
The record of every wedding is stored in Marriage Photo Albums. The advancement of digital photography and new technologies now give good clarity and colour to the photographs more that what the family expects. The wedding photos are taken by professional marriage photographers and the albums are structured with good presentation at the photo laboratory. Some people even takes still photographs after the marriages in photo studios with ease and without fear or out of tension mood. The marriage photo albums are always bringing everlasting memory to the married couples. The photos of marriage
should not be kept away but preserved with decorative albums preventing them from dust and decay.

Wedding Videos :
Wedding videographers nowadays give a live picture of the photos what we have stored in the photo albums. The professional wedding videographers always possess some close circuit video television sets which are arranged in and around the hall wherever we require to view the programmes. Advanced technology also provide editing of videos on ground and it is presented quickly with additional features. A professional wedding videographer is essential for looking the videos with a better clarity and wide coverage. There are some marriage videographers who use even web videos and CCTVs that can be viewed instantly and globally for which they charge only some nominal amount as package.

Vehicles/Cars on hire :
You may require some vehicles or cars on hire when conducting a marriage. Your family members as well as the married couples need to ply on Cars on Hire. Special vehicles and luxurious marriage cars are also arranged if necessary. Other family guests may need some SUVs/cars on hire to bring them from Airport, Railway Station etc., and to the Wedding Halls or Hotel rooms where they stay. These cars on hire can also be arranged on package. Vehicles on hire include mini buses, vans, SUVs and cars. However it is advisable that always rent out the vehicles preferably from regular operators. A list of them can be provided.

Search for Bride/ Bride grooms :
In those days search for a suitable Bride or Bridegroom was difficult as there were no communication and therefore had to rely on some relative or brokers words. Nowadays there are some marriage sites like Matrimonial sites which are available for all religion and in many languages. These matrimonial sites once registered shall offer you a plenty of choices in online and there is no need to wander or worry toiling for search. Though the matrimonial search is good and wide open, it is always advisable to make enquiries personally before arriving at a conclusion for any settlement.

Wedding floral decorations :
Flower arrangements are immensely essential for every wedding. In Indian culture everyone believes in divine plan of the marriage which can be fulfilled only with flower arrangements or exchange of flower garlands. Flower bouquets and balloon arrangements also add colours to the wedding, and arranged. But it cannot be compared with flowers decorated all around the Wedding hall, reception, car decorations, seer varisai, hairstyling etc., There are also some artificial flowers which look like natural flowers which can be arranged at the reception. The flowers given to the bride need some customary workmanship. Flower bouquets, flower pots, nursery plants, sprinkling of rose petals also give good look and fragrance all over the wedding.

Music Bands and Orchestra :
Nothing in this world can be enjoyed without having music. While the wedding is performed splendidly, it requires one more galore by presentation of some music especially from carnatic music which is traditional. The tradition bands like Nadhaswaram and Thavil play exemplary role in a marriage. Nowadays, music bands are also organised for inviting the guests and during processions. Light music on film songs, jazz music, rock music etc, also invite a happy mood. Solo singers or indian classical and vocal musicians are also liked by traditional music lovers. With a view to help the blind and differently abled persons, music orchestra from Louis Band are also organised.

In the modern world, nothing can be left out without any planning and programme, especially when conducting a wedding celebration every family shall have so many strain and difficulties. To ease these tension and difficulties entrust everything to reliable partners ie. Service partners arranged through
“Chennai Wedding” which always interested in your well being ever.